Converse LA Fishing Team

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Converse, LA Fishing Team


One of Otterson Lures proudest sponsorships is the Converse Fishing Team in Louisiana.

This group of talented young men and women have a very have used Otterson Lures during their fishing tournaments, practices… or just throwing a line in the water after school.

We are very proud of these guys and girls. Some of the teams have even went on to larger championship fishing competitions! 



Lloyd’s Mission


One of Lloyd Otterson’s missions with Otterson Custom Fishing Lures is to help encourage youth who are interested in the sport, recreation and art of fishing.

As Lloyd often says “..if you get kids into fishing at an early age, it can help keep them out of trouble!” Getting kids more interested in nature, doing things outdoors and enjoying fishing is something Lloyd really tries to encourage no matter what event he attends. Otterson Lures donates numerous Custom Fishing Lures every year to children of all ages who are interested in fishing.

If you are an organization interested in Otterson Custom Lures, please call or text Lloyd!