High Quality Custom Lures

Otterson Lures have a reputation of unique designs and extra durable finish creating a premium fishing lure that can stand the test of time.


Beautifully Hand-Painted

Otterson Lures are hand-painted by 70 Year old Fisherman & Southern Illinois resident, Lloyd Lee Otterson.


Extra-Durable Coating

Each lure gets a thick coating of 2-Ton Epoxy and slow turned for over 14 hours cure for an extremely durable finish.


Lifetime Warranty

We believe in the high quality of our lures. In fact, if you have any issues with your Otterson Lure, send it back and we’ll replace it free of charge.

Lloyd Otterson

Owner & Creator

To this day, Lloyd Otterson hand paints every single Otterson Lure and cures them using a process you don’t find in most store bought lures. When you own an Otterson Lure, you are getting a premium quality lure hand painted with great care and fishing skills he has honed for over 70 years.

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Real Rattlesnake Skin Lures!

Real Snakeskin Lures

An Otterson Lures Original

That’s right! Lloyd actually hand stretches REAL rattleskin skin over the lure, secures it with a special curing process and coats it all with extra-durable 2-ton epoxy making this cool snakeskin lure truly an Otteson original!

Otterson Lures

High Quality Custom Lures

 Fish Love Otterson Lures

We even have proof! Here’s just a few of our happy customers.

Where To Buy Otterson Lures

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